TheToonHeadz has one of the best teams of Caricature artists! Founded by the top caricature artists in Atlanta, Bobby Morris and AJ Jensen. They started their adventure at some of Georgia's best festivals and have moved onto preforming live caricatures for parties and events. AJ and Bobby strive towards excellence, great professionalism, and determination on perfecting their artistic craft.They are both super passionate about caricature and all their clients will vouch for their love of the art form. Every year their artistic experience grows by determination and constantly pushing themselves to become a better artist. They have now gathered a team of some of the best artists on TheToonHeadz in order to always have open availability for performing at festivals, events, and parties. 



Meet the best caricature artists in Atlanta, Georgia. The ToonHeadz Artist have equal skill but a huge rage of Style. The ToonHeadz has the best artists on the team. Award Winning and World-Renowned! Get the best artists in the business!

A.J. Jensen

AJ Jensen is known for his whacky, extreme, cartoony caricatures. His style has amazed some of the most talented artist from all over the world.

Award Winning Caricature Artist, A.J. Jensen. A.J. is super passionate about the art of caricature. With his zany art-style and personality, you can be sure that he will make your event fun! 
AJ Jensen Caricature.png
Bobby Morris

Bobby Morris is known for his crisp, charming and fun caricatures. You can always guarantee that your guests will not only love Bobby, but his artistic ability as well.

Bobby Morris Caricature
World-Renowned Caricature Artist, Bobby Morris. Bobby has impressed and entertained tons of people throughout the Atlanta Area. Bobby is perfect for any event. With his charm and talent, you can be sure to know Bobby will make an event amazing! 

Destin Andrews is known for his clean, cut caricatures. Always bringing a smile with his work. His artistic ability is out of this world! 

Destin Andrews Caricature
Destin Andrews has impressed a number of people in Georgia with his fantastic caricature skills! His graffiti style caricatures, we are confident he will be an amazing fit for any event or festival. 
Sean Davis

Sean is known for his silly and fun styled caricatures. Plus, his strong professional attitude. One of the best on the team! 

Sean is one of the creative caricature artists in Atlanta. His fun caricature style is guaranteed to make your event and festival a fun memory.
Erica Brooks

Erica is known for her exciting and fun caricatures. Plus, her strong professional attitude. She comes highly recommended! 

Erica Profile trans. small .png
Erica is one of the best caricature artists in the Atlanta area. With her superb creative and professional attitude, she can make any event excellently entertaining. 
Lash LeRoux

Lash is a former professional wrestler turned professional caricature artist. Lash is known for his exceptional style and professionalism

Lash Laroux Trans Caricature.png
Former WWE and WCW wrestler turned professional caricature artist. Lash is a phenomenal caricature artist and will make your event exceptional.
Gabby Gonzalez

"Gabby is one of the fastest artist on the team. Her professionalism, Creativity, and Speed make her a top pick among clients. Every event she has attended has surprised every clients on how fast she is!"

Gabby is an ToonHeadz Award Winning artist. Gabby Gonzalez is a dedicated artist and super
fast! She works effortlessly in providing awesome caricatures to customers and clients. 
Meagan Lafferty

"Meagan's professional attitude mixed with her exceptional personality is a guarantee for a successful party or event. Client's always praise how well Meagan does at their party"

Award Winning ToonHeadz. Meagan's personality shines through every event she attends and every client is impressed by her skill, Creativity, and her loveable personality
Lillian Cotton 

Lillian Cotton is phenominal! Her dedication to improve her creativity and skill to deliver has really blown the minds of a lot of artists. She's always perfect for events. Clients are never shy to express how well she did at their event.

Lillian is an award winning ToonHead. Her talents, professionalism and personality is a perfect fit for any sort of event. Clients love Lillian.
Sebastian Martin

"Sebastian Martin won best caricature artist in the world in 2018. His creativity and professionalism are equally awesome and clients love him! "

Sebastian is a Golden Nosey winner! Top Caricature Artist in the world for the  year of 2018. His brilliant talent, skill, and creativity is always met with excitement.