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Lash LeRoux

The Exciting Lash Leroux will "wow" Your guests with his amazing artistic skills and exceptional personality. Former wwe and WCW Wrestler, you can guarantee your event will be entertained with this amazing artist.

A former WWE (WWF) and WCW legendary professional wrestling superstar, Lash has traded in his tights and boots for pencils and brushes. He now works as a caricature artist with over 20 years of published work under his belt (which just happens to be a championship title). Offering incredibly cute and hilarious caricatures, along with a larger-than-life persona, Lash brings fun and excitement to any and all events. Wrestling careers only last so long, but he can draw until his hand falls off!

lash 7.jpg
lash 2.jpg

"Lash is amazing! He made my event Phenomenal" 

Lash Laroux Trans Caricature.png
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