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Destin Andrews Caricature

DESTIN ANDREWS Is known for his well crafted, graffiti-style, caricatures

"For as long as I can remember, I've always had a deep love for art and the drive to improve artistically. From a young age I have always had a great support system from my family and friends, which really drove me to improve myself creatively. At 16 years old I finally landed my first job as a caricature artist at Six Flags over Georgia. From there, I learned about a new passion- caricature. Working as a caricature artist, I found myself changing. My artistic skills were improving big time. Not only that, but my personality was beginning to flourish as well. I used to be the quiet and sky type, but caricature made me have to interact with customers. I found myself learning so much from people and loved it. Caricature helped me overcome my anxiety with crowds. It has given me so much! I don't think i can ever give caricature up now."

Destin Andrews is known for his well crafted caricatures and slick-cartooney design. You can expect your guests to love him and marvel at his amazing talents. Destin got his start at Six Flags over Georgia and has trained many caricature artist hoping to learn the field. On his off time, he works on commissions and visual designs/illustrations. Destin's artwork is mostly inspired by fashion, sci-fi, graffiti, music and vibrant colors. His style of art displays an aesthetic that is colorful, futuristic and some hip hop combined into one to create his style and vision. He also creates merchandise with his unique characters and graffiti designs. 

Destin Andrews Caricature Artist
Desting Andrews Caricature 3.png
Destin Caricature  .jpg

-Angela L.


Destin won 2nd Place In "Top Artist" in Fall 2021 


Destin won "Top Artist" in Spring 2021.

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