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Sean's Fun and Crisp Caricatures are perfect for laughs! 

 "My professional art career started within two months of my high school graduation, in 2015. My first professional art gigs were graphic design in origin, however I quickly learned that those projects did not satisfy my creative itch. I happened across a caricature gig later in the year and got an opportunity to learn a new art style with some quite talented folks. From day one, my intention with caricature was to lean far into the unique elements of the medium and try to find was to inject my own love of design concepts and principles into a drawing of a person's face. Along the way to now I have had the honor of working and learning with some of the world's premiere caricature artists, learning how to adapt the qualities that made some of them into award winners into my own style."

Sean Caricature Art
Sean Caricature Art
Sean Caricature Art
Sean Caricature Art

Sean Davis won "Best Live Caricature" in Fall 2021
This award showcases his ability to push live caricature. 

Sean Davis


"Ambition and Professionalism best describe my approach. I believe that caricature is the form of art made for everyone to have. It's fun nature lets artist not just draw what you look like, but who you are as a person. Caricature is entertainment and I strive to create work that is fun for both the artist and the subject. Drawing all across the eastern United States has allowed me the experience of learning how to balance the chaos I would like to put to paper with the art that someone would hang in their living room. I push for creative works that challenge myself and I hope that you'd like to experience that challenge." 


Sean Davis "Most Creative" and "3rd Place in Top Artist" for Spring 2021.

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