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Sebastian Martin 

Sebastian Martin won Golden Nosey in 2019. He is known for his amazing Abstract-Cartoony Caricatures. 

In 2013, I discovered the World of Caricature art. Drawing my coworkers from my day job at a car dealership helped to pass the time. I soon realized you could make money as a caricature artist. A friend from work saw the work I was posting around the office of everyone we worked with and asked me, "what are you doing working here?" Soon after that I began my artistic endeavors by working as a cartoonist for the college newspaper. I then discovered an organization called ISCA, The International Society of Caricature Artists. It blew my mind the level you could take the art form of caricature. I was hooked and devoted my years to the craft drawing every day for hours with out fail. I am so grateful to be doing what I love full time and supporting my family with. 


Sebastian won the Golden Nosey (1st Place in best caricature artist in the world). His style has inspired some of most influential caricature artist from all over the world. His style of caricature is unique and very new. Sebastian's style is mixed with abstract and cartoony, people really enjoy it. His professionalism also speaks volumes! He is dedicated to making sure The ToonHeadz clients are well taken care of and that every event is successful. His is one of the top artists on The Toonheadz Team! 

Sebastian is known for his Cartoony- Abstract style. His professionalism speaks volumes! 


"Sebastian Won Best Caricature Artist in the World!!!"

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