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Lillian  is not only one of the best caricature artists on the ToonHeadz Team, but also a personal choice for The Toonheadz Clients. 

Lillian began her journey into the world of art when she was a child, creating all sorts of images from her imagination. Her passion for drawing pushed her to study art in a variety of mediums in  middle and high school, and ultimately led to her getting a BFA in painting and drawing. She first encountered caricature art while working at a theme and hasn’t looked back. Lillian loved how this genre allowed her to marry her artistry with her sense of humor and help people to find joy in simplicity. 


She’s traveled along the east coast to dozens of festivals drawing 100s of people in her career. Lillian is able to fuse her personal style with an array of aesthetics to appeal to new and familiar caricature fans. Her infectious energy, coupled with her unique eye for caricature design, will make any event a memorable affair!

Lillian is a phenomenal caricature artist and super professional. Every event she attends is met with high praise from clients. Lillian has huge goals for herself as an artist - always trying to push her creativity and talents. Her sense of humor is also perfect for caricature! A lot of clients praise her professionalism and talents, but also rave about how hilarious she is. They love her! 
Lillian is a perfect fit for any sort of event. She is always dedicated to preforming the upmost level of professionalism for our clients and it never goes unnoticed! Clients continue to praise Lillian and how she made their event successful. 

"Lillian made my event Awesome!!!"
-Steph L.

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