A.J. Jensen

AJ Jensen Carcature

AJ Jensen is known for his whacky, extreme, cartoony caricatures. 

"I started caricature back in 2013 but have always been super interested in caricature. I can remember when I was in school and the teacher asked what everyone wanted to be, I would always answer " A Cartoonist". I just loved the ring to it and defiantly loved the art form. I was first introduced to caricature as a child in a theme park and being to afraid to ride the roller coasters. I found a caricature booth and spent hours watching the artist create these awesome caricatures. While my family and friends were making themselves sick with rides, I was falling in love with this new thing  I never seen before, caricature. I promised myself, that day, that I would learn caricature. Skip a few years later and I finally took upon learning the art of caricature. I defiantly pushed myself with the art-form. I learned a lot of it all on my own and spent countless hours drawing funny faces over and over. I finally pushed myself to create live caricatures on the spot, timid and nervous, but exciting all the same. Caricature took me on an even further adventure. I ended up meeting some of my favorite artist in the world and becoming good friends with them, Bobby Morris included. I've never been so thankful to have him as a drawing partner and a good friend. Caricature is just full of adventure and I still can't wait to see where it brings me."

Award-Winning Caricature Artist, A.J. Jensen His style has amazed some of the most talented artist from all over the world. His Youtube channel has gained a lot of attention over the years, which AJ teaches how to draw caricatures. He has also was invited to teach at a seminar for the International Society of Caricatures in front of numerous caricatures artists. He was voted on the board for the ISCA the following year. The same year AJ was included as a featured artist in the new book Likeness is Just the Beginning: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Live Caricature which has sold numerous copies in just under a year. Also, AJ has won 1st place in Outstanding Cartoon Caricature Style, 2nd place in Outstanding Body Situations, and 3rd Place in most Humorous Style in 2019's Caricature Convention. You can always expect AJ to excite your guests with not only his fun caricatures, but his fun personality as well. 


AJ Jensen Caricature
AJ Jensen Caricature
AJ Jensen Caricature
AJ Jensen Caricature


AJ Jensen Caricature Animation.gif

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


If you require more information on the art of caricature you can always check out A.J. Jensen's YouTube Channel TheToonHeadz. AJ sheds his ideas about caricature and tackles ways on how to draw caricatures. He has been teaching caricature for the past four years and has actually hosted a seminar for the International Society of Caricature Artists. 


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A.J. Jensen was also featured in the new Caricature Tutorial book,
Likeness is just the Beginning: The Ultimate Guide To Modern Live Caricature. 

The book showcases some of the best caricature artist from all over the world. Each page is filled with caricature gold. From funny cartoons to extreme exaggerations. Not only that, but the book teaches you how to draw caricatures by the best caricature artists ever! Published by the talented, award-winning artist, Manny Avetisyan.  

Ultimate guide to modern live caricature
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