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Erica brooks is known for her innovative creativity, awesome talent and superb professional attitude. 

"My art journey started early, when I was in the third grade I decided I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I was the kind of student teachers would fuss at for doodling in class. Even after I got home, I would draw for hours on end while avoiding my homework. What inspired me the most to become a professional artist were the cartoons and shows I watched growing up like Sailor moon, Dragon ball Z, and Samurai Jack. Since I drew a lot, my classmates would always beg for me to draw them and now I do it professionally. Funny how things work out like that. My big break through as a caricature artist started when I worked for Lego-land Florida. I was actually hired as a face painter at first since I didn't know much about caricatures at the time but then they realized my potential for drawing. They decided to put me into caricatures and I absolutely loved it. From then on, I was sold on drawing caricatures. After working at Lego-land, I decided to travel to different festivals and fairs to do caricatures and my skills have improved significantly. During my travels, I happened to meet A.J. while working at a festival. Meeting A.J. has lead me to where I am today, working in Georgia and the opportunity to draw caricatures for all the wonderful people living here."


Erica Brooks caicature
Erica Caricature
Erica Caricature

Erica is known for her innovative creativity and superb professionalism Erica is sure to make your event an amazing, creative, and fun experience. She has spent the past 6 years entertaining festivals and events with caricature. Before arriving in Atlanta, she was traveling to different fairs to draw her amazing caricatures. Thus, boosting her artistic skill to new heights and caricature adventure. Erica's caricatures are drawn in such a fun way that everyone is sure to love them. She's one of the top artists here in the Atlanta area.
 She is not only dedicated to improving artistically, but also maintaining a perfect business ethic. You can expect punctuality and a strong professional attitude from Erica. One of the best artists on The ToonHeadz team. 


Erica Caricature

"Erica's Professional  and Creative Talents Make her One OF the Best on The ToonHeadz Team."


Erica won 2nd Top Caricature Artist in Spring 2021! 

Erica won Top Caricature Artist in Fall 2021! 

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