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The Workshopz

Becoming a better artist has never been so easy.

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The Workshopz is an online video-learning opportunity hosted on Discord, which means you can learn caricature from home at an affordable price.


Six times a year, a unique artist brings their talents to the digital stage and offers a nightlong course on the wonderful art of caricature, complete with a presentation and live drawing demo.


In addition to the Workshopz is the Sketchbook Series, a printed collection of our featured artists' sketches for your enjoyment and inspiration.


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The Sketchbook Series is the sister project of the Workshopz. What you can expect from each installment is a 32-page compilation of the featured Workshopz artist's sketches, process, and creative journey. These zines are keepsakes to keep your inspiration flowing, reference material for understanding novel creative processes, and a nice collector item if you get every issue in the series!




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Previous Workshops

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Upcoming Workshop

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Join The Next Featured Artist's Workshop

 Join A.J. Jensen on Zoom for his online conference where he introduces tips and tricks, booking gigs fast, how to interact with customers and clients, and making each booking easy as pineapples! ​​​​

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Join in on the latest workshop.
This includes a 2-hour digital seminar with the Featured Artist hosted on the official Workshopz Discord. You also have the chance to win a free caricature! 


This Package only includes the workshop.




Join in on the Featured Workshop and get the Featured Artist's printed Sketchbook Series book.

This is a package deal for the 2-hour seminar with the Featured Artist, in addition to the Featured Artist's book.


The All-In


This Package gets you The Featured Workshopz + The Sketchbook Series
+ Recorded Workshopz

Download previous recorded 
Workshopz! Each recorded Work-
Shopz is only $12 each. Get the 
opportunity to see previous tips and
tricks by some of the most talented
caricature artists in the world.

This Package only includes Pre-
Recorded Workshopz




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