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ToonHeadz Workshop with Andrew Pungot

Yet another ToonHeadz Workshop was hosted! The talented and charming, Andrew Pungot graced the ToonHeadz Team in Discord for another perfect and informative workshop. Andrew is known for his hyper-exaggerated styled caricatures. His caricature work has been noticed throughout the caricature community and awarded at previous ISCA conventions.

"Andrew's Style is definitely unique! I remember first seeing his caricature work and being so mind blown that someone could construct a caricature that way. His design and layout is super impressive to me. Not only that, his caricatures are just hilarious!" -A.J. Jensen

The workshop went excellent. The workshop was also graced with a few new people that were excited to see Andrew's thought process.

Andrew was able to showcase how he started out with caricature, his thought pattern on tackling an exaggerated caricature, and of course a short demo on his caricature process. Everything was super beneficial for the ToonHeadz Team!

"Andrew makes me want to exaggerate way more now!" -Destin Andrews

The way Andrew draws definitely had the team laughing out loud. When Andrew showcased some of his caricatures of the team, everyone roared with laughter. The caricatures were not only hilarious, but extremely creative.

"Caricature isn't as simple as people think, especially when the artist concentrates on exaggeration. You have to be very precise with what decisions you make with exaggeration, as one mistake can throw off the likeness completely. I would say a more tame, portrait style, drawing is more forgiving and easier for a caricature artist to accomplish. The great thing about caricature is how creatively you can push the concept about a person and Andrew really executes that." -A.J. Jensen

The ToonHeadz would like to extend a huge 'Thank You' to Andrew Pungot for the laughs, advice, and extreme talent he shared with us. It's always fun to see caricature artists who aren't afraid to step outside the "norm" and show the world an interesting and unique point of view.

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