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ToonHeadz Awards and Party

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Phew! Spring Season comes to an end and we wanted to reward our talented and professional artists with awards and good ole fashion party fun!

The ToonHeadz Caricature Company Has Given The Artist Awards For Their Achievements and Artistic Ability. This showcases their talents and professionalism as top level for clients and customers. Also, validates their progression and adds motivation for each season.

Zoe Wade- "Most Sales"

Our talented artist, Zoe Wade, was awarded with "Most Sales". This showcases the artist's ability of speed and professionalism in dealing with clients. Zoe has been pushing himself tremendously and he definitely deserves this award for his outstanding performances as a caricature artist.

"Zoe has shown real drive in progressing as being one of the fastest artists on our team. His personality and artistic ability has really benefited him to earning this award. I am super proud of him and can't wait to see what he brings next season." A.J. Jensen

Sean Davis- "Most Creative" and 3rd Place as Top Artist

Sean Davis has been The ToonHeadz's artist extraordinaire! Sean has dedicated himself artistically and makes sure he improves himself creatively on a consistent basis. He has shown a lot of tips and tricks to each team member and has helped a lot of artists with cultivating ideas. His passion shines through his work, and he always makes sure his art, and enthusiasm, are never dull. Sean has also shown real drive in pushing himself professionally and making sure each customer is excited to get a unique caricature.

"I am super grateful for Sean! He has definitely inspired me as an artist! I think his artistic skills and fun attitude has blessed him with always wanting to improve himself. I take my hat off to the guy! Glad he part of the Team!" -AJ Jensen

Erica Brooks- 2nd Place "Top Artist"

Erica Brooks has certainly made a name for herself within the ToonHeadz team. She is professionalism exemplified. She's always on time, goes out of her way to ensure the satisfaction and excitement of her customers, and has improved her skills and talents abundantly. Having been with the ToonHeadz for 2 years, she definitely deserves this award.

"Erica has shown exceptionally great professionalism and improvement as an artist. I am so proud of all her strides that she's made and watching her grow into the artist she has become has been a joy. I am super excited to see where she goes from here!" -AJ Jensen

Destin Andrews- "Top Toonheadz Artist"

The infamous, Destin Andrews, has been awarded with being the Top Artist on The ToonHeadz Team for 2021 Spring Season. His dedication to being professional and artistic advancement has been nothing short of excellent. Destin has helped made The ToonHeadz name echo throughout Atlanta as being a great caricature company. He has made every single client and customer happy with his service and he has earned every bit of being The ToonHeadz Top Artist!

"Destin has been with us since the beginning and I am so proud of having him apart of The ToonHeadz Team. It's so exciting watching him improve and I have never been so grateful having him next to me working. A lot of clients have requested Destin, due to his, exceptional professionalism and creative talent." -A.J. Jensen



After The ToonHeadz had their diner and award ceremony, they were off to play games at Main Event in Suwanee. Everyone had an absolute blast- getting able to connect outside of a working environment. Special Shout Out to Main Event and their accommodations. The ToonHeadz, as party planners, really appreciate other establishments that take pride in their customers and professionalism- on which Main Event showcased brilliantly!

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