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ToonHeadz Party Spring Season 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The ToonHeadz Caricature Company Atlanta Georgia
The ToonHeadz Team 2022

The ToonHeadz has done it again and celebrated their artists for another successful caricature spring season! What a year for The ToonHeadz! They were able to accomplish double the festivals, tripled their bookings, and added four new talented additions to the team!

"What an excellent year 2022 is bringing. The whole team worked extremely hard this year and I am so appreciative to have such a wonderful team! Our company drew caricatures at about 30 different festivals all around Atlanta Georgia so far this year! And the amount of bookings have been tremendous! We also brought on four new additional team members; Carl Davis, Ana Doron, A.J. Thomas, and Collin Iheanacho - wow these guys are incredible! I know the ToonHeadz company wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for such a fantastic team!" -A.J. Jensen, Owner of The ToonHeadz

The ToonHeadz Team met at Main Event in Suwanee Georgia. Together they shared fun stories, business goals, caricature tips, and then they did their award ceremony for the top preforming artists on the team. Each award has a specific category.

These categories include; Best Live Caricature, Most Sales, Top Artists in 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Place.

The ToonHeadz is proud to announce their top preforming caricature artists for the Spring Season of 2022


MOST SALES: Angelina Thomas

Angelina Thomas ToonHeadz Most Sales Caricature Artist
Angelina Thomas Most Sales ToonHeadz

Most Sales: Angelina Thomas

Most Sales Award is given to the caricature artist with the most speed and most sales for the season.

The ToonHeadz were super shocked out how quick Angelina could draw - she is a speed machine! What was more shocking was that Angelina was able to win Most Sales when she joined The ToonHeadz Team with only a month an a half left of the season! Wow! That is speed! The ToonHeadz is super impressed and humbled to have Angelina join the Toonheadz Team.



Best Live ToonHeadz Caricature Artist Destin Andrews
Destin Andrews Best Live Caricature

Best Live Caricature: Destin Andrews

Best Live Caricature is awarded to the caricature artist who creatively created a great

live caricature that was voted as being the best live caricature of the Season.

Live Caricature The ToonHeadz Destin Andrews Caricature Artist
Destin Andrews Best Live Caricature

The ToonHeadz loves to showcase the creativity that caricature can offer. One of the coolest things about caricature is how far you can push different avenues of exaggeration or likeness. Destin Andrews was able to receive this reward because of his awesome attention to detail and the amazing color work he does. Destin's colors are vibrant, exaggerated, and have the best gradient work as a live caricature artist. Destin deserves this award through and through. What an amazing live caricature!


Top Artist 3rd Place : Gabby Gonzalez

Gabby Gonzalez 3rd Place ToonHeadz Top Artist
Gabby Gonzalez 3rd Place Top Artist

The ToonHeadz Top Artist 3rd Place: Gabby Gonzalez

The ToonHeadz Top Artist 3rd Place award went to the talented, Gabby Gonzalez.

Gabby has taken The ToonHeadz by storm. With her rich caricature style, speedy deliver, and amazing professionalism given to clients - makes her a super requested artist. Gabby has helped entertain a bunch of parties and events around the Atlanta area and our clients absolutely adore her!

"Thank you so much for making my party awesome. Your artist Gabby was fantastic and did such an amazing job. Everyone loved her." Beth T. - Toonheadz Client

Top Artist 2nd Place : Sean Davis

Sean Davis 2nd Place in ToonHeadz Top Artist
2nd Place Top Artist Sean Davis

The ToonHeadz Top Artist 2nd Place: Sean Davis

The ToonHeadz awarded Sean Davis Top Artist in 2nd Place for his talents and great visions that the company has enacted. Sean's talent stretches out to space! His creative and abstract ideas have shaped some awesome live caricatures for our customers. He not only has amazing talent, but Sean's visionaries, ideas, and constructive problem solving has helped progress The Toonheadz. The Company has already applied some of his ideas. Sean's care for professionalism has been outstanding as well. He has helped complete and gather supplies in order to make a festival or event run successfully.

" Sean is a great assist, artist, problem solver, and friend to have. He has definitely helped shape The ToonHeadz into a fantastic caricature company." -AJ Jensen- Owner of The ToonHeadz

Top Artist 1st Place : Lillian Cotton

1st Place Top ToonHeadz Caricature  Artist
1st Place Lillian Cotton

The ToonHeadz Top Artist 1st Place: Lillian Cotton

The ToonHeadz Awarded Lillian Cotton As The Top Artist For The ToonHeadz Caricature Company! Lillian has been pushing herself to be a great caricature artist. She has taken on setting time out of her day to sketch, push herself with new ideas during live caricatures, and create some of the wildest, most awesome live caricatures in The ToonHeadz Team. Her undeniable talent shines in all of her caricatures, along with her fun personality. Lillian has grown to be a wonderful caricature artist, professional and reliable team member, and an excellent part of the ToonHeadz Family. Everyone adores her!

"Lillian is a boss! I adore this woman through and through. I could never stop having wonderful things to say about her. I am so excited and honored to watch her growth and be apart of her caricature journey. She always tells me, " A.J., you just watch." And the funny thing is she keep delivering! I can't keep my eyes off of her progress, her creativity, skill, and ambition! I am honored to know Lillian and have her apart of this amazing caricature team." -AJ Jensen, Owner of The ToonHeadz

Lillian's caricature style is starting to have a huge range - which showcases amazing skill amongst being a caricature artist.

Live Caricature Lillian Cotton Atlanta Artist
Lillian Cotton Live Caricature

Recently Lillian has been learning how far to push caricature. Her caricatures have turned ultra whacky, extreme, and amazing. Which is very hard to complete! To take a person and heavily exaggerate a subject to still have a likeness is ultra tough! The risk of making one minor exaggeration shape, rhythm, line, or color can through the whole drawing off. Lillian's bravery to tackle this sort of avenue is admirable. It takes true courage to try to pull this off in a live caricature setting. Not only do you risk having the drawing fail, but you also risk getting a customer that doesn't understand the wonderful artform of caricature. Caricature is about shedding vanity away and being able to laugh at yourself. When you meet death, I doubt you're worried about how you look.

"Lillian's been on fire all year. Unstoppable!" Bobby Morris, Co-Owner of The ToonHeadz

Live Caricature Lillian Cotton Atlanta Georgia artist
Lillian Cotton Live Caricature

Lillian has not only shown amazing creative growth, but her professionalism speaks volumes. The ToonHeadz knows they can rely on Lillian to deliver the best care for an event or party. She has completed many events around the Atlanta area and our client's are in love with her. She not only can complete awesome, fast, outstanding caricatures - but she interacts with her subjects to make them comfortable and excited about their personalized party favor.

" Lillian was incredible! Thank you so much for having her at our party! Your caricature team does amazing job." Robin D.

Lillian Cotton is the Top Artist for the Spring Season of 2022

The ToonHeadz Top Artist is Lillian Cotton for the Spring Season of 2022 and she deserves the award more than anything. Lillian's ambition and dedicated attitude has helped her become a top caricature artist among The ToonHeadz Team.

The Toonheadz is excited to continue along it's caricature journey with these talented team members. For more updated news on The ToonHeadz please subscribe to this blog or follow The ToonHeadz on Facebook or Instagram.

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