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TheToonHeadz Dealing With The Coronavirus

As I am sure you are aware with the outbreak caused by coronavirus, The ToonHeadz team is saddened to announce the cancellations of our March festivals for 2020. Event Coordinators are cancelling in accordance to the city and states regulations right now. The Governor of Georgia has also announced rescheduling or cancelling any large event to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone's health is our top priority and we want you, your family, and friends to remain safe and healthy through this troubling event. Since we must take everything day by day, we are still unsure how April will be. So far, none of the event coordinators have cancelled any of the festivals for that time, but we are prepared to communicate any cancellations as we become aware. Hopefully, things will get back to normal by then. That is something we are praying and hoping for. The ToonHeadz have had cancellations with our clients as well. Birthday Parties, Weddings, and Corporate Events are being put on hold. We are more than willing to compromise and figure out a solution for all our clients, as they are most valuable to us. We want what is best and support any decision made. If you have booked The ToonHeadz and are concerned about the future of the event, please contact us so that we may decide the best solution together. We pride ourselves with our professionalism and care. Caricature Artists across the globe are being highly effected by this current event. As we have been in contact with our caricature buddies from all over the world, we are all in the same boat. The silver lining is that we all have time to push ourselves creatively and adapt to this current situation. The ToonHeadz team is now scheduling time to sketch and improve artistically. Personally, I miss having the oppurtunity to be free with my artwork and discover new techniques. It's hard to find time to sketch and improve sometimes, but right now, in the events of Covid-19 it has given us that oppurtunity. Here is the talented- Stephen Silver discussing with what is happening and how to find the "Silver Lining"!

With all of this in mind, The ToonHeadz team have decided to take on commissions! Soon we will be announcing a new page on our website that allows you to purchase a digital caricature from your home or office. This will provide us the opportunity push ourselves in new creative ways and still connect to you, our customers. We hope all of you stay healthy and look forward to choosing The ToonHeadz as your source for caricature. -A.J. Jensen

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