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The ToonHeadz Loves Caricature

A.J. Jensen here! I'm super excited to announce about our new ToonHeadz blog. This has been something I have wanted to do for awhile now. I'm finally pushing myself to put down the Netflix and focus towards my goals. Personally, this is something I struggle with and I know a lot of people with this issue as well. We all have great ideas, but how many are actually succeeded? With the year 2020, I've made a lot of commitments for myself and goals I promised I would peruse. FINALLY! But, I have high hopes for this blog! With caricature tutorials, caricature stories, and business advice all wrapped up in this juicy-exaggerated fueled Blog. So if you're interested in caricature news, lessons, and just my crazy brain organizing thoughts- don't forget to subscribe to the Blog.

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