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The ToonHeadz at Fridays-N-Duluth!

The ToonHeadz had the awesome opportunity to work at the Fridays-N-Duluth festival this past weekend! Also known as Food-Truck-Friday's, it was a great time filled with great music, lots of tasty food trucks, and fun booths to visit.

Our artists had the best time visiting with the people that were brave enough to sit in our chairs and let the artists express themselves creatively. A good sense of humor is almost required when putting your trust in the crafty hands of a caricature artist. Yet, it's always in good fun, and it's very intriguing to get a peek into the artist's quirky point of view.

"It feels really good to draw creatively, seeing what makes someone's face uniquely theirs, exaggerating certain facial features, combining reality with my imagination, and the absolute best part, seeing the person's reaction after I put it all together. There's nothing like it!" - AJ Jensen

Another really cool thing is to see each artists' unique style. Since no two faces are ever the same (. . . unless you're identical twins, triplets, etc.), the same can be said of the The ToonHeadz' caricature artists. Each of our artists bring their own talent, vision, and expression of themselves to their work. We work hard to make sure that each portrait is as recognizable, quirky, and distinct as each of our customers!

It's always good to see familiar faces! We love when people keep coming back to see us at different events! Shiner, the dog, and his owner, David, have been loyal fans since The ToonHeadz first started 6 years ago.

There are many facets to the art of caricature: comedy, entertainment, creativity, kookiness, over-exaggeration. As human beings, we are all too aware of our external and internal flaws. The beauty of caricature is that someone else can see what you deem a "flaw" and help you laugh a little at yourself, healing that negative view and turning it positive. It's our greatest desire that everyone that steps into our booth not only walks away with a physical keepsake, but a great experience as well.

We also want to make a special shout out to the "A Little Nauti" food truck! They have an awesome menu that is super unique and absolutely delicious. We tried their crab and lobster grilled cheese, and it was incredible. Go see them (and us!) this Friday!

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