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ToonHeadz Workshop with Kosuke Miyagi

Recently, The ToonHeadz Team got the oppurtunity to experience the wonderful and talented, Kosuke Miyagi- award winning and top caricature artist in the world.

Caricature Artist, Kosuke Miyagi, was kind enough to grace The ToonHeadz Team with a workshop. The ToonHeadz is always pushing their artists to be more creative, professional, and better. So inviting one of the Top Caricature Artist in the world is a perfect step in the right direction.

"As artists, we are always thirsty for information. The more information we get, the more inspirational we become. Information and Inspiration are some of the biggest factors in improving yourself artistically. I thought, " How can I keep my friends more inspired?" Also, " How can I have the artists on the team feel appreciated and creatively fueled?" The answer was hosting workshops for The ToonHeadz team. I thought Kosuke was a perfect start and boy, was I right. His outlook, talent, and personality definitely made the workshop so beneficial. The level of improvement I have seen from the artists after the workshop is mind blowing! I am so thankful for Kosuke and so impressed with The ToonHeadz Team" -A.J. Jensen

"The ToonHeadz Workshop was hosted through Discord. Which was amazing! We were able to connect with the famous, Kosuke Miyaki, all the way over from Japan. We also has the wonderful and talented, Satsu Ushioda to help translate for Kosuke. The workshop ran for about two hours and every second of it was so informative. Kosuke showcased his vision of what caricature means, he was able to educate the artists with techniques on completing a caricature, and then Kosuke did a demo of his live caricature process. I think he definitely made an impact on, not just me, but the other artists as well."

"We want to create a caricature team that the artists are proud to be apart of and other caricature artists want to join! Workshops and opportunities of improving yourself artistically is a good place to start." -Bobby Morris

During the workshop, Kosuke, was able to go through all the details on what caricature meant to him. He also was able to showcase his phenomenal skills at using the Copic Marker brush pen- alternating between the chisel and brush for the caricature. Moving the paper around in order to execute perfect lines for the caricature. Kosuke also went over how he uses his Prismacolor Art Stix. He pays a lot of attention to creating form by using shadows, with the majority of the color being for color. Then he adds warm colors, where the skin is mostly pinkish- like the nose or cheeks. Then blending it all with a flesh tone. It seems to be a 3 step process, but of course with caricature, there is no solid way of coloring or drawing an individual- everyone is different and there isn't a set way of completing a caricature because of that.


Everything went smoothly! The ToonHeadz thanks Kosuke and Satsu for their time and efforts in providing such a fantastic workshop. ARIGATO KOSUKE!

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