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Georgia Bridal Show with The ToonHeadz

Bobby Morris Caricature Artist
Caricature Artist at Georgia Bridal Show in Duluth Georgia

The ToonHeadz attended one of the biggest bridal shows in Georgia to showcase how caricature is an excellent idea for Weddings.

The Georgia Bridal show was hosted in the Gwinnett Center in Duluth on June 27th 2021. There was a fantastic crowd and many exceptional vendors to help inspire ideas for a bride and groom's big day. Immediately after setting up, The ToonHeadz were met by a line of excited people, all wanting a caricature. Everyone was super friendly and having a great time. Plus, everyone got to walk away with their own personalized caricature to remember the start of one of their biggest adventures!

AJ Jensen and Bobby Morris
The ToonHeadz Owners Bobby Morris and AJ Jensen
The ToonHeadz Owners, A.J. Jensen and Bobby Morris, had a great time drawing caricatures for the guests at The Georgia Bridal Show!

From the beginning of the event to the very end, there was a consistent, long line of guests anxiously waiting for their turn. A.J. and Bobby loved the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and passion for caricature. While the artists took breaks where they could, they got the chance to show off their skills and speed for curious onlookers. It also goes to show that the Georgia Bridal Show certainly lived up to it's popularity with the hustle and bustle of happy couples, bridal parties, and families.

Caricature Georgia Bridal Show
The ToonHeadz at Georgia Bridal Show
"The best part about having a caricature artist at your wedding is you don't have think of/pay for a parting gift. The guests get to walk away with something unique and memorable. Skip the party favors, get them a caricature!" ~Rachel Clark

Georgia Bridal Show AJ Jensen
AJ Jensen Caricature Artist

The ToonHeadz had a wonderful time with the guests, as well as other fellow vendors at The Georgia Bridal Show. It's evident that a lot of time, effort, and planning goes into these events, and the atmosphere within the conference center was nothing short of electric. If anyone is interested in attending a bridal function, The Georgia Bridal Show is one you simply cannot miss. For more information regarding their show schedule, visit their website at:

If you're interested in finding out where The ToonHeadz will be next, please follow the calendar on our website!
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