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Destin Andrews: The ToonHeadz Artist Highlight

Destin Andrews Caricature Artist

Meet one of the ToonHeadz caricature artists, Destin Andrews. Destin is 22 years old, and has always had an immense passion for art. He began his career as a caricature artist at Six Flags over Georgia when he was 16 years old. Over the years, Destin has noticed a continuing improvement in not only in his work, but also in his personality. He said, "Working as a caricature artist, I found myself changing. My artistic skills were improving big time. Not only that, but my personality was beginning to flourish as well. I used to be the quiet and sky type, but caricature made me have to interact with customers. I found myself learning so much from people and loved it."

"Destin was our caricature artist, he was absolutely AMAZING! He was so gentle, sweet and talented. I definitely recommend this company. Thanks for great service!!" ~ Jasmine Clyde, Google Review

When asked why he enjoys.caricature so much, Destin responded, "I really enjoy caricature art for many reasons but the main ones are that I really enjoy the endless creativity that goes in the art of caricature and how much freedom you have when looking at a subject and trying to draw them. One other reason is how amazing the caricature community is and how much we can learn from each other." You can usually tell how much someone loves what they do based upon the work that they produce. Destin is someone that consistently exudes joy, and it truly shows in each unique face that he draws. Although he may appear soft spoken, his art and creativity speaks volumes.

Destin would describe his style as, ". . . in the middle of a cutesy and exaggerated style. I like to stay in between the two most of the time with the cleanest lines as possible and airbrush like look to coloring with prisms color stix." He also said that his main focus when drawing someone's face is "form, making it pop with color on top of good lines and good line weight."
In regards to Destin's work specifically, AJ Jensen, co-owner of the ToonHeadz, commented, "I've seen tremendous growth in Destin's work over the years. I'm so proud of his ambition, professionalism, and desire to constantly improve his art. His style is so unique, and he's simply an incredible artist. He's definitely a valued member of the ToonHeadz team."

There are countless different elements that make up a good caricature, especially considering there are numerous different artistic styles. In Destin's opinion, "You know a caricature is good when it makes you laugh. It will also make you look at for a good while catching details. A good caricature will almost make you physically feel what a person's face looks like because of how well the artist pulls, shrinks, etc. the features. A good caricature can be different to other viewers, but those are definitely some things that makes a good one."

We always encourage our artists to dream big and live their dreams. We asked Destin what he would like to accomplish in the next 5 years of his career, and he expressed his desire for greatness, "I would like to collab with other big companies and really be 5 times better then I am today and be well known by people around the world and have my worked seen by billions. The list goes on." It's very evident to anyone that knows Destin well that he won't settle for anything less than the best in every aspect of his life, especially his career. His number one suggestion to budding artists is "to create or draw out your comfort zone and never be satisfied on where you're at. Find an artist that you love and study the work they do."

As a caricature company, The ToonHeadz are so grateful that Destin is a part of our team. He explained his thoughts about the ToonHeadz and what makes our company stand out from the rest, ". . . No other company have a group of artists like the ToonHeadz that give more than just caricatures; we give good vibes, laughs, and stickers. We're just different."

If you would like to see more of Destin's work, be sure to visit his instagram at @destoarts. If you would like to request Destin for a caricature event, be sure to fill out the inquiry form under our "Book Now" tab on the ToonHeadz website.


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