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Caricatures at Piedmont Art Festival in Atlanta

Piedmont Art Festival in Atlanta 2022

The ToonHeadz are attending!

This year The ToonHeadz will be attending the Piedmont Art Festival 2022. This will be the 6th year in a row where The ToonHeadz has drawn caricatures for the guests at the Piedmont Art Festival. The Piedmont Arts Festival is a wonderful experience for not only the guests, but for caricature artist's as well. We get to draw caricature's of many different types of people at the Piedmont Art Festival, which is very exciting for caricature artist's because we love meeting new people and hearing about them while we draw their caricature.

Caricature Artist Bobby at the Piedmont Art Festival Atlanta, Georgia.

Get Drawn By Our Caricature Artist's

Our caricature team is always thrilled to draw at the Piedmont Art Festival in Atlanta. This photo at Piedmont Art Festival is of caricature artist, Bobby who has many years of experience drawing caricatures. The ToonHeadz caricature team has many talented artists, just like Bobby here in the photo. Our caricature artist's strive for excellence and put a lot of effort in to see our art loving guests smile. At The ToonHeadz booth at the Piedmont Art Festival, our guests can expect quality caricatures and a great memory that will last forever.

Piedmont Art Festival

Information For 2022 Piedmont Art Festival

At the 2022 Piedmont Art Festival there will be a variety of art to explore and see. The Piedmont Arts Festival's location is at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, which is a great place to go walking and enjoy the outdoors. With all the different art to look at including The ToonHeadz caricatures, the guest's at The Piedmont Art Festival wont have a single dull moment. For more information about the Piedmont Art Festival here in Atlanta, Georgia click on the link below!

AJ 2016 Live Caricature Video

ToonHeadz Draw Live Caricatures at the Piedmont Art Festival 2016

This video was made back in 2016 at the Piedmont Art Festival with one of The ToonHeadz founders, AJ. The Live Caricatures video is an excellent show of what we caricature artist's do here at The ToonHeadz! Watch AJ draw this cute funny little girl and her reaction when AJ shows her the drawing. For more videos, photos, and information about The ToonHeadz and our caricature team, be sure to visit The ToonHeadz website. We look forward to seeing you at the Piedmont Art Festival, 2022!

Click below to be taken to The ToonHeadz website:

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