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AJ Jensen Proposes Creatively with Caricature

Hey Everyone! Recently, I proposed to my best friend, my cheerleader, and my wonderful lady. For 6 years, we have been dating and I’m one lucky son of a gun for her support throughout those year. It's not everyday that a lady will stick with an artist that holds off on an engagement. But, with TheToonHeadz picking up, becoming a real estate agent, and working with my father's company doing HVAC- I finally grew the confidence to give her a commitment that was worth while. Last year, 2019, I was planning on how to make it a memorable moment for both of us. And since I’m a guy, I like doing things at the last minute! I gathered her parents blessing, bought the ring, discussed with Sugar Hill, organized the engagement and gathered all our friends in less than 2 weeks. On the day before I drew caricatures of both of us, with my caricature asking her to marry me in my own creative/silly way. On New Years Eve, all of our friends helped prepare for the big moment. The plan was to act like I was working an event up at Sugar Hill, when she would arrive- I would pretend to draw her in her best friend. After, I would reveal the prepared caricature of me asking to marry her. When She arrived my heart was pounding! I was so nervous. But I looked at the woman I love and knew there wasn’t anyone else I would want to spend the rest of my life with. We hid all our friends and got her to sit down in the chair to get herself drawn with her best friend. Music started to play as I pretended to draw and then our friends popped out holding glowing sparklers. Her response was “Hey Guys!” Then I revealed the prepared caricature and she grew super excited. Before I could even ask, she screamed “Yes!” Then we gave each other cooties.

Surprisingly, it went really good and I executed it exactly how she would of wanted it. Except the part being that the ring didn't fit. Ooopps! Oh well, still went excellent.

We are super excited to start our new adventure together!

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