In reality, people do this everyday. They're not drawing out a caricature on paper per say, but they are definitely doing this unconsciously. The science behind this is, when we meet someone, our brains are quickly trying to translate a way to recognize that person. In a matter of seconds, every feature that makes that person recognizable is heightened in order to retain a memory. So every feature is exaggerated. A longer nose becomes longer. Smaller eyes become smaller. Every feature that makes up a person has now amplified in order for us to retain that information about that person. 


Caricature was usually first used to make satirical political cartoons. You can see that caricature then was not only a way to point out political objections throughout history but a funny way to bring people together through a laugh. Humor has always been a big influence for human beings and caricature art has always had a goal to devise that idea. The idea that everyone can come together by laughter, no matter the circumstance.

Caricature is still a huge influence in political cartooning, but it wasn't until recently that it was a means to entertaining people on the spot. You can now find caricature artist drawing people at theme parks, festivals, parties, and even weddings with the main goal still in mind, to bring people together in laughter.  We like to call them live caricature artists. They are not only creating art, but doing this in a matter of minutes to entertain the people watching the magic happen. 

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