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3 Restaurants That The ToonHeadz Team Prefers

Dining at local restaurants with their artists is more than a shared meal for The ToonHeadz; it's a ritual that binds them together and transcends into forging stronger connections with our clients.

Best Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia that The ToonHeadz enjoys.

The ToonHeadz Team values the importance of building strong relationships with its artists, and one way they ensure this is through face-to-face meetings. While emails, texts, and phone calls are essential for communication, nothing beats the personal touch of in-person interactions. The company primarily conducts meetings at its Sugar Hill office but also makes it a point to take artists out for lunch or dinner to local restaurants. The commitment to in-person meetings at their Sugar Hill office and local restaurants is a testament to their dedication to personal connections. These meetings go beyond professional discussions, creating an environment where artists feel valued and understood.

Here our The ToonHeadz Top Picks for resturaunts in the Atlanta-Metro area.

1. The Mad Italian - Dunwoody, Georgia

The Mad Italian in Dunwoody, Georgia
The Mad Italian is the longest-standing resturant frequented by The Toonheadz

Among the favorite dining spots is The Mad Italian in Dunwoody, which holds the distinction of being the longest-standing restaurant frequented by the ToonHeadz. This fantastic establishment has been the meeting place for hundreds of business meetings, and the ToonHeadz and The Mad Italian have had an excellent relationship!

“Community is everything. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it's that something as simple as coming together and sharing a fantastic meal can ignite conversations and friendships that may not have been made if all we did was send a text. I think the world needs more of that. When we come together at our local restaurants, we not only enrich each other but we also cultivate a masterpiece of unity that transcends canvases and cuisines.” -A.J. Jensen Toonheadz Co-Owner

The ToonHeadz team has not only been patrons of this fantastic restaurant but has also collaborated for events, including having The Mad Italian cater to ToonHeadz events. The Philly Cheesesteak is our ToonHeadz Team's top favorite. With a soft bun, and crisp meat, and melted cheese, our mouths water just by thinking of this fantastic sandwich. Safe to say, The Mad Italian is one of our favorite spots!

2. Savory Gourmet - Alpharetta, Georgia

Savory Gourmet in Alpharetta, Georgia
The Toonheadz enjoy the organic goodness of Savory Gourmet

Another notable restaurant on their list is Savory Gourmet in Alpharetta, where the ToonHeadz Team's top pick is the Italian Combo. From the first bite to the last, the meticulous attention to quality ingredients and culinary expertise is evident. Gathering at Savory Gourmet becomes more than just a shared meal for the ToonHeadz—it's a magical moment of connection and collaboration. The inviting ambiance and delectable offerings at Savory Gourmet provide the perfect backdrop for our team to strengthen bonds and foster a sense of unity that is felt and appreciated by their clients.

"You can always tell when people enjoy the work they do. I certainly appreciate working with a team with so much passion, skill and professionalism. They do an amazing job." - Keisha Reynolds Client of The Toonheadz

In this culinary haven, the ToonHeadz discovers that breaking bread together is more than a tradition; it's a recipe for building lasting connections and cultivating a collaborative spirit within our team. Whether it's the perfectly balanced Italian Combo or any other culinary masterpiece from their menu, every dish is a testament to the dedication of the chefs. Their team delights in the organic goodness that defines each bite! A favorite for the ToonHeadz is their wonderful Italian Combo. This is a delicious Italian sandwich. With high-quality meat stacked together with vinegar peppers, crisp lettuce, and balsamic vinegar - this sandwich has a sweet and savory delight in each bite.

3. Shine Pizza - Sugar Hill, Georgia

Shine Pizza in Sugar Hill, Georgia
Shine Pizza of Sugar Hill provides culinary masterpieces that fuel the creative minds of The Toonheadz

Shine Pizza in Sugar Hill is also a preferred spot for the ToonHeadz, with their top pick being the Carni Pizza. The combination of quality ingredients and a delicious crust makes this pizza a standout choice for the team. As they savor the delightful flavors, the artists of The ToonHeadz find a shared appreciation for the comfort that their pizzas bring, fostering an environment where ideas flow freely, and innovation flourishes. Shine Pizza has become more than a culinary destination; it's a source of inspiration that elevates our work meetings to moments of joy, collaboration, and boundless creativity.

"Great food has a way of bringing people together and fueling creative minds." -A.J. Jensen

Dining at local restaurants with their artists is more than a shared meal for The ToonHeadz; it's a ritual that binds them together and transcends into forging stronger connections with our clients. These moments of camaraderie, shared laughter, and the appreciation of diverse cuisines create an environment that goes beyond the confines of the workplace and beyond their team, shaping the ToonHeadz culture that places paramount value on their artists. By showcasing genuine care for their artists, it is clear that they not only fortify internal bonds but also build upon the foundation for exceptional client service.

A ToonHeadz favorite is Shine Pizzza's Carni Pizza. With top-quality pepperoni, ham, and Italian sausage - each bite is a delicious delight!

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