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Lillian Cotton: The ToonHeadz Artist Highlight

Lillian Cotton Caricature Artist 2022

Lillian Cotton Interview

Lillian Cotton is an amazing caricature artist and The ToonHeadz are so proud to have her on our team. This year she won two awards, one for being a top artist and the other award was for one of the most creative artists on the team. She is a hard worker and everyone who works with her thinks she is a blast.

Her charming personality and sense of humor can make anyone smile. She is not only an amazing caricature artist, but also an awesome coworker and friend. When Lillian laughs, the room lights up and everyone laughs with her because she is just that bright. Everyone wants to know more about Lillian, the amazing caricature artist, so we asked her a few questions.

Lillian Cotton Caricature Art 2022

With this kind of talent, we had to ask Lillian who were some of the great caricature artists that inspired her. So we asked her just that and here was her response.

"Sheesh! Is there enough space? The list is long. My top favorite artists are: Damion Dunn, Ash Stryker, Kelly O Brian, Kira Moore, Melissa Sepulveda, Sebastian Martian, AJ Jensen, Bobby Morris, Vincent Rensel, Alaine, Jarrett Greene, Destin Andrews, Damon Renthrope, Danielle Castro, Ben Bloss, Haley R. Likes" Say's Lillian.

Her response was eye opening! No wonder Lillian is such a great caricature artist herself, learning and drawing inspiration from some of the most top notch caricature artists out there. However, Lillian said there was one artist who really made her take her style to a whole new level. Lillian said,

"In a nutshell, Sebastian Martian said my work was "basic and safe" lol."

Hearing those words from one of the artist's she admired, made her want to grow and explore more exaggerated styles and not be afraid to push her artistic limits.

Lillian Cotton Caricature Art 2022

After learning who she drew inspiration from we asked her what do you like most about caricature?

"I enjoy mostly the creativity that goes into each drawing while growing as an artist and the customers’ reactions. Seeing the amazement and shock in their eyes and their jaw drop or they fall over in the chair laughing always gets me, because their laughter and smiles are contagious."

Those words Lillian spoke really shows her passion for the work she does. Her customers can see her thoughtfulness, creativity, and passion all wrapped up in their personal drawings from her. Lillian will certainly continue to grow and make her customers smile with not only her caricatures but, her great personality as well.

Lillian Cotton Caricature Art 2022

Knowing Lillian's passion and inspiration that drives her to do caricatures, we had to know if she has always felt that way and has she always enjoyed caricature?

"For the most part I have enjoyed it. Since I have joined The Toonheadz in July 2021 the company has definitely ignited my passion for caricatures and art in general. The main two components that separates them from any other caricature companies, that I am knowledgeable of, is artistic growth and worker appreciation. They believe in challenging their artists."

Lillian's response is a common feeling for the caricature artist's at The ToonHeadz. Many of our artist's here feel that The ToonHeadz give them inspiration and encouragement to grow as artists. Believe it or not but, the environment and atmosphere can really influence artists. It can be one of the main factors in if an artist has artistic growth or not. The Caricature artist's here feel as if they are encourage to develop art styles that they enjoy even if it may not be everyone's cup of tea. A variety of styles is key to having a successful inspirational atmosphere to encourage growth but, to also meet the needs of clients who have their own unique tastes when it comes to art.

Lillian Cotton Caricature Art 2022

We wanted to know where Lillian was originally from. We knew she had only moved to Atlanta in 2019 and we wanted to know more of her background to complete the picture of how Lillian Cotton came into her career as a caricature artist here in Atlanta.

"Aww man that is a loaded question. I don’t have a set destination but, I have spent about 5 years or more in these states GA, SC, PA, and FL. Philadelphia and Miami were my favorite places. "

Clearly Lillian has had influence from many places and it shows in her work. I think that's one of the things we love most about Lillian's caricatures, is you can see the diversity of influences in each of her pieces. While she may have lived in many places, we are so glad she has settled down here in Atlanta, Georgia. The ToonHeadz is grateful for what Lillian brings to the team and we wouldn't have it any other way.

You can find more of Lillian's artwork at

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