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A.J. Jensen's Art Talk for the Duluth Fine Arts League

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

AJ Jensen caricature artist duluth fine arts league dfal georgia art community the toonheadz
A.J. Jensen presents his Caricaturing Adventure to the Duluth Fine Arts League

Recently, A.J. Jensen had the honor of sharing his remarkable story with the Duluth Fine Art League, a community organization dedicated to promoting art and creativity in the city of Duluth - one of the vibrant cities in Atlanta, Georgia. The Duluth Fine Arts League ( DFAL ) was established in 2008 by the wonderful Mayor Nancy Harris and a group of talented citizens of Duluth. This non-profit organization helps serve artists and creates a fun, creative community inside the city of Duluth.

This community-driven organization has been a beacon of artistic expression in Duluth, Georiga for years. Through their tireless efforts, they have created numerous opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents and connect with the community. From art exhibitions and workshops to public art installations, the Duluth Fine Art League has enriched the cultural landscape of the city, fostering a vibrant and inclusive creative environment for all. You can check out more information on DFAL at the link below:

The Duluth Fine Arts League was created to help serve artists and create a fun, creative community inside the city of Duluth.

A.J. Jensen, co-owner of The ToonHeadz Caricature Company, was able to showcase his caricature journey to the Duluth Fine Arts League and did a superb presentation in front of talented local artists and supporters of art.

AJ Jensen caricature artist duluth fine arts league presentation
A.J. Jensen's presentation for the Duluth Fine Arts League

Caricature artist, A.J. Jensen, presented his "artventure" from struggling with Panic Disorder to becoming agoraphobic, to his strides with Exposure Therapy, to his discovery of the art of caricature, then to being a caricature artist full-time, and now is the owner of a well, respected, and fun caricature company known as The ToonHeadz.

The entire premise of his presentation was not to allow fear to hold you back, as adventure offers you purpose and rewards.

"There are so many adventures out in the world, which seem very scary, but every adventure gives you such a beautiful experience. And each experience offers a reward." -A.J. Jensen

From Panic To Peace a Caricature Journey with AJ Jensen
A.J. Jensen's Art Presentation - From Panic to Peace

From Panic To Peace - A Caricature Journey, details the struggles of panic disorder and panic attacks. In a world where fear often holds us back from reaching our true potential, there are those who refuse to let it define them. A.J. Jensen, co-owner of The ToonHeadz Caricature Company, is one such individual who has embraced the power of resilience and gratitude.

"I fell in love with caricature. I honestly believe it saved me. I used to be stuck in the house, not being able to leave because of my panic attacks. Wanting to become a live caricature artist gave me the motivation to go out and conquer my fear. The rewards of going out to draw live caricatures were priceless - so many memories, interactions, and creative skills were gained." -A.J. Jensen

The story of A.J. Jensen is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the transformative power of art. For six long years, Jensen battled panic disorder and agoraphobia, feeling trapped and limited by his own fear. However, his determination to conquer this debilitating condition led him to discover the world of caricature art. Through exposure therapy, A.J. gradually faced his fears head-on, finding solace and inspiration in drawing people in a hilarious way.

With a newfound passion for caricature, A.J. embarked on a mission to share his art with the world. Together with a like-minded artist by the name of Bobby Morris, he co-founded The ToonHeadz Caricature Company. What started as a humble endeavor by sketching people in Duluth quickly flourished into a thriving business, serving not only the local community but also the bustling city of Atlanta.

A.J. Jensen's progress through his caricature journey youtube to isca international society of caricature artists
A.J. Jensen's progress through his caricaturing journey

During A.J. Jensen's caricature adventure, he found little treasures buried in each experience. From meeting kind people while sketching them to pushing himself creatively with each caricature sketch, to doing a seminar for ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists), to starting The ToonHeadz, and then to becoming an award-winning artist.

" Being an artist is a great way to look back on improvement, not only creatively, but also personally. Your artwork is almost a journal - outlining your skill level at that time. And with Live Caricature, it goes a step further. You're able to remember the interactions with the people you drew and the person you were at that time. We as people are always growing." -A.J. Jensen

AJ Jensen caricature artist artistic skill art journey caricaturist 2014 and 2021 dragon
A.J. Jensen's artwork progress between 2014 to 2023

Today, The ToonHeadz Caricature Company stands as a testament to the triumph of creativity and determination. With a team of over 20 talented artists, face painters, and balloon twisters, they bring joy, laughter, and an artistic touch to events throughout Duluth and Atlanta. Their fun caricatures capture the essence of individuals, immortalizing their unique personalities in comical and memorable drawings. The ToonHeadz experience has become a sought-after addition to weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings, spreading smiles and laughter wherever they go.

The ToonHeadz caricature artist team in Atlanta Georgia
The ToonHeadz Team

A.J. Jensen's remarkable journey from battling panic disorder to co-founding The ToonHeadz Caricature Company is a testament to the power of perseverance and the transformative nature of art. His story serves as a reminder that fear should never be allowed to hold us back from pursuing our dreams.

Through the support of organizations like the Duluth Fine Art League, communities can come together to nurture creativity, inspire individuals, and bring joy to the lives of many. So, let us celebrate the power of art, the spirit of Duluth, the vibrancy of Atlanta, and the remarkable achievements of The ToonHeadz Caricature Company.

black and white caricature A.J. Jensen artist duluth georgia
A.J. Jensen showing a finished caricature at the Duluth Fine Arts League

Written by: Reanna Maiden

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