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TheToonHeadz Finally Gets To Draw At A Festival in 2020 June 20th-21st

Hey Everyone, What a crazy year so far! We are super excited to finally have the opportunity to draw at our first festival of this year. The First one of 2020!!! Our festivals for the year pick up right at the beginning the spring season. Then the cornavirus shutdown happened right at the start of our festival season. Which made us unable to work for any of 2020 so far. During quarantine a lot of our artist were able to boost their artistic skills to new heights- having much time to practice. It still goes with saying that we all got cabin fever. Our team craved to get out, work hard, and draw face to face with our customers. Then FINALLY, we got the call that Maker's Market is a go! So we are super excited to be able to go out and work! The Maker's Market has allowed us to come out and draw for their festival hosted in Atlantic Station. We will be taking extra precautions as well. With using social distancing rules and masks as well. Plus, we have plenty of disinfect spray! Our team wants all our customers to be and feel safe during this time. So if you have a free weekend and finally want to get out. Come join us at Atlantic Station June 20th-21st! We can't wait to draw your fun faces. -A.J. Jensen

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